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DeviantART Compliments #88

Sun Mar 16, 2014, 1:52 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

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pulbern, the forums on dA, as well as dA in general, and my dA experience in particular, would be a lot poorer without having you as a comrade and a friend. Your positiveness is as infectious as your beautiful collages, which deserve to be seen by everyone!

puddlefisher, you've 'gone through a lot', as they say, and so for you to maintain the dominant, and friendly, and inspiring, and warm presence that you do here on dA, is nothing short of remarkable. I'm proud to know you! All the best.

RhynWilliams, what can't I say about your artworks that I've not already said? Well, let me skip to you - as an individual you're one of the most interesting people I've met - you have a fundamental sense of decency and a charitable attitude. More power to you.

scarletwave, you never fail to make me smile! I love your Muro comments so - you're my favourite Muro artiste. It's a pleasure to know you.

TommyGK, I can't comprehend just quite how brave you are, for having gone through what you have. I admire your strength, and I'm personally very grateful for the kindness you've shown towards me. All the best.

littlefishey, it may be some time before you get this! I want to congratulate you on getting married. And to thank you for sharing with everyone on dA your inspiring weight-loss stories, fascinating photos, and tremendous works of literature. I want to be like you when I grow up.

iDJPanda - George, I've not known you for long but I do know this much, that you're one of the most infectiously, and genuinely positive, people I know! Plus, you like pandas, so you have impeccable taste. Thanks for all you do to promote a sense of fraternity on dA!

HPxZelda has been such a great friend, and her passion for art and improvement continues to astound me. thanks for existing, dude.

(This is for sylveonprince!!)
To Panny-
I really like your art and you're a big inspiration for me and...and...I know you have a girlfriend but I'd really like you...*hides in corner* I'm sorry I hope I didn't ruin your day or w/e....

I'm sending this compliment to aexlyii this user deserves to be complimented for her work. Whether it's drawings or 3D work, her work is excellent and always worth seeing. It's not just view either, you can feel the emotions this artist has put into their work and that is truly a mark of an excellent artist.

caspian potssum is super fricking cool!! he's really funny and has great art and he's really nice to his friends,, well frick um he's cooler than elsa and as cute as olaf tbh ( i hate frozen why am i referencing this ) and i just really want to be his friend UR COOL CAS xoxo
love, max unbelievers

Love your art <3 Keep it up with the website, you're awesome!!

Doctor-Major is probably one of the most amazing deviants here on DA, she is always there for anything and well I hope she has a wonderful future ahead of her.

Tannywantan is definitely the best pixel artist I have gotten the pleasure to talk to and well I even use her icons, she is amazing at what she does and she is also extremely kind to those who are kind towards her, along with her obsession with P!nk she has got to have one of the greatest personalities in this world!

HeavenShipperArtist has got to be one of the most interesting people about, although a major brony and proud of it too but she also has an obsession with frozen! Her habits of being so kind was how I started talking to her and well we are definitely friends! I hope she always is improving :la:

Also I would like to give thanks to Self-Epidemic for the very well thought and conversation starting forum topics, whenever I log on to DeviantArt there is some new topic of sorts for me to discuss that isn't boring. She has the wonderful touch of bringing a community together :D

When i joined deviantart, i saw a lot of awsome artists. Like Auraleyki , Danesippi , emmy1320 , Krispz , and so much more ! This is just a little compliment to all my friends and artists i like !
From a deviant named WindyCloud

She is one of the best and talented people i have met here on DA. Her drawing Styles are amazing. The way she draw fur is soo cute *-*.
She deserve much love, because she do so many Gifts and art for her Friends.
I love to talk to her, because she is always nice and friendly ^^
please go and check her out.
have a nice Day ^^

CoattailsOfJustice you are an awesome person and a great friend always stay fantastic

brokenisland- You are amazing. I love your words so much && your personality is just... epic? Fantastic? Amazing? I can't even. I appreciate your existence a lot and I hope that we may continue to interact for a good long while.
Wishing you the best always!

ithaswhatitisnt - You are amazing. I love you with every inch of my being. I miss you around Deviantart but I know you have school to take care of so I'm wishing you all the best luck all the time! Never stop being you! :heart:

killerlord123- Never give up. Like ever. Too many people would miss you and your writing. Also you're epic. So there. :heart:

Your artwork is truly amazing and always makes me happy to look at. Keep working hard and I know you'll make it into dreamworks, or wherever you plan to be!!!

You are amazing in everything my friend, i love you <3

Your the best person i have ever met on deviantart, u are loyal, kind and very very trustworthy, our friendship is better than any friendship i have ever had, im happy to be your best friend and ill always be proud of u
From c00kie

xX-ArtBloqued-Xx, Ala-Kazam, Ninja-of-Stars
Let's shake our fandom to the core, gals! Friends forever <3

TeenChampion, TheTGrodz, Volcanoclaw, XanyLeaves
To my favorite guys in the whole world, keep up the good work!

Floridian-Penraser sisters forever

8Bpencil is such a wonderful artist. all of his traditional artworks are stunning!

MintFrost12 and FrostedOpal, my most caring friends I met here, I meant both of them around the same time. They are amazing artists, and absolutely fabulous friends! I love you guys like family ^ω^

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pulbern Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love you farand :love:
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kareynomer Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student
Oh, is it just me or did you skip #87? :hmm: I didn't see #87 in my inbox center
SimplySilent Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
*Checks to make sure she can actually count*

I take turns posting the compliments with other admins of dACompliments, so it was Kezzi-Rose who posted Compliments #87. I suggest watching the group if you don't want to miss any updates, since I only post a few of them each month. :D
SimplySilent Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
iDJPanda Made the journal portal. :la:
iDJPanda Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student General Artist

But I didn't want to comment because every time I did it disappeared. xD
SimplySilent Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Oh, wait, wut? :confused: I was on another page and saw a completely different journal portal... but it looks like it's still in the portal. :confused: I dunno anymore. :nuu:
SimplySilent Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
It vanished. :saddummy:
Krispz Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much Windeh :la: :iconredbullglompplz: WindyCloud
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No problem Krispeh :heart:
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