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DeviantART Compliments #126

Sat Aug 16, 2014, 5:52 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

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ShiroSanSamaChan My dear Waifu x3 I just want to tell you that your art brings a smile on my face and not only your art, but YOU yourself make my day shine! I am the happiest person on earth to know someone like you and I want to thank you for everything! You are an amazing person! You told me that you learned how to draw by yourself and that is the most amazing thing! My respect for you has no limits as well as my love towards you <3

Ria-Sora27 Lil' sis~! Your art is one of the most beautiful things on DA! Your kindness is something I love in you and I am proud to know you can call me a "Friend"! I truly love you like my real sister and I will probably never be able to tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for everything, Lil' sis~!

Hitomi-chy Ilish - chan~! <3 Sweetheart, I can see how important art is to you and how well you can draw for your age! Your drawings are full of happiness and playfulness that brings a shining smile to my face! You are a friend I will always cherish. Thank you <3
I love you all and you three are one of the reasons I wake up everyday with a big smile! You three along with my other close, dear friends are my sunshines! Aishiteru~

Oh my god, where do I begin? You're so funny! I love your dolling skills, seriously! And I'm completely jealous of your amazing DA friends! Keep being rachet!

lecoeurblanc: Thank you very much for being such a wonderful friend! We first "met" here on Deviantart – and I really do not want to miss it! Thank you.
Your birthday is not far away, so I thought such a little "Thank you!" would just be the right way to give you a little smile. Thanks for making me smile, laugh and be happy so often. :heart:

I would like to thank four people here

Adrien, Procrastinos who's been my buddy in College, second year, those first words are for you. I am looking at you via my Skype window right now, as this thought skims my mind ''hell, I'm so glad to know him'' :)
With you I had so much fun over their goddamn Oxbridge -Harvar-kley teaching style, like when you tried to steal my pen from my pencil case while we talked about Mansfield and I looked at you straight in the eye like '' where is it, hum?'' '' what?'', '' what do you mean, ''humn?'' My pen of course!'' Then I took it back from your clenched fist like I was mad but actually wasn't at all... and, oh my, that voice of yours when you tried to imitate Gandhi in our Brit civ classes... and each time our lit teacher who had a phoney British accent tried to talk about POE  you said '' matta'' for ''matter'', '' betta'' for ''better'' and so on.... Man, I just don't know but I couldn't have imagined that year if not by your side, until the end of it. I adore you and it's not because I'm going to Cali that I'm just gonna fade away... I intend to annnnnnoy you at least every week! :heart:

To my dear SolidMars, Julian, as you said I welcomed you on dA and you will always be special to me for that particular reason and many others.. . I love our convos late at night, your kindness and your talent baffle me. You write so perfectly about a world of your own conception, I need to hear from you and support you in College because I know how it's like. You're not the only one and you're on the right track, like an oracle on your own...  I remember our lit series when we wrote things expecting the other to reply or do something from scratch. I love out collabs or simply our fun and you have no idea how dear you are to me. :heart: :sun: :floating: Keep going dear knight, you're just doing it right!

RSpeirs dear David... I don't know what to say. Chances are you will never read this but if you are, well, read on. I told you this a zillion times, so many times, night and day but you will always remain in my heart. You are a part of my dream, you are the reason why I found and figured out it was all about the West of the US from the beginning, and that California and Arizona had it all... You know, I'd love to visit you in AZ as soon as I reach your country. We've been working together toward this and now my journey in Europe is coming to an end, for the one in America is just about  to begin. You inspire me, you helped me though you will probably never realize when and how...
:flagus: :glomp: :hug:
And thank you for the rest, for your tenderness and your time... the rest, of which you're the only one to know about... ''merci, mon ami'' , you said that. And in French. YUP.

Dear Malco735... this last paragraph is for you... thank you so much for tonight, thank you for your understanding and your IMMEDIATE help. I don't know about you but I didn't come across a lot of people who just, for the sake of such a strong feeling, agreed to send 200 bucks overseas so that their dearly friend might have a roof over her head at UC Riverside... since I didn't have the required AmEX, MasterCard or Discovery credit card, but just a Visa card... I am grateful because you too helped me with my studies when I had a hard time figuring stuff about politics in the UK or when I tried to explain to you what phonetics were about late at night.... patiently, and kindly....
:heart: :sun: :hug:

Detachments ,
You have really improved with your art, both traditional and digital. You should be really proud of yourself. I think that one day you will definitely blossom into a super duper great artist (not that you aren't already, of course.)

IceLaws is just too fabulous for her own good. She's amazingly sweet and supportive and friendly and amazing and her art is beautiful and colourful and creative and just.. I just.. I admire her like crazy, mkay? <3 She really inspires me to be more active and social. Plus, she's good at finding awesome emoticons. //winku Oh and she's also a big fan of Ghibli so she's basically flawless.

ur laik.. rly cool, k?

EcoStark Is the nicest person i had ever met, they are so sweet and kind and loving, they helped me threw things i never would of been able to get threw on my own, their art is amazing even though they dont agree. If you ever want to meet one of the nicest people on Deviantart, they are someone to talk too.

Dearest NeycuuRose1 ,
No words can describe how dear you are, you might not think it but there are people out there who DO listen to you, some people have actually stopped to think from your words. You're a strong girl, and that street wise attitude, I can't help but always have a smile on my face each time I see it. You are the best being who you are, don't forget that, okay? <3

Dears dinodude411 , Que-Te , TheBrassGlass , LeGa18 , SubZero-NoobSaibot , AikaArfeiniel , JenFruzz , RokieBlueRose , NeycuuRose1 and FireGoddess122 ...
It's all thanks to you guys especially that I am able to smile, you guys have helped me so much, I can't thank you enough. If it wasn't for you, there would be times that I would keep crying or not have the confidence.. But you guys have helped lift me up from the dark, I'm finally being able to see my true self now. You have given me advice, help and a smile for when I have needed it, even a shoulder to cry on. I seriously cannot put into books how much I love you all and how many thank yous I have to say. Thank you so much for been my friends. I love you. <3

Oh man.
Where do I start?
You're an amazing person, and you've helped me greatly with my problems, all while being an awesome roleplay buddy.
But roleplay isn't the only reason I like you. You're an awesome artist, and an amazing person to be around. Whenever you are online, and we chat and stuff... I always get this really happy feeling, and I feel like I can trust you with anything.
Now for your art.
//gasps for air
How do I even start on that one?
Your art is so... Beautiful! I love your art style, it is so unique ( I even based my eye-drawing style off yours //shot ) and colorful! I'd gladly commission you anytime.
you're just amazing
Your Friend
( you have to figure out who I am hehe )

hopeburnsblue I am so glad that I met you. I feel like I met someone who understands some of the trials and tribulations I've had to go through. I've been able to share my story with you, without judgement. You're not only kind, but very helpful. I appreciate your friendship. :heart:

chromeantennae You're a great friend Ricky. I feel like I can talk to you about anything. I've been able to joke with you, and talk to you when things get tough. I hate the Cowboys, but you're still pretty great. Also, goon squad for life. Love ya <3

akrasiel WeirdAndLovely Lissomer SpriteBlayde

You guys have been super supportive when I needed it. I appreciate the way you've kept me in high spirits. Also, you guys are fantastic artists/writers. :heart:

SimplySilent who better to write a compliment for than her? she's an amazing person and i want to be her friend so much even though we've only briefly talked once, she's super nice devoted and she defiantly deserved her position on deviant art x3 :D -Silentwhisper115

GualitoSandra is a lovely artist who makes super beautiful art! She also is a great friend! She always tries to help me giving me advices and I'm super grateful to have her with me! Thank you so much for everything ; u ; <3

u all are bananas k
and probably know who this is from

byesexuaI and hitaa are two legit sweet tarts who will make you feel incredible if you decide to be their friend. byesexuaI is incredibly friendly and easygoing, and will always make you smile with her adorably derpy messages and her fine use of the word "hella."

hitaa is the only girl I know who can rant for 15 minutes (in this case, on dmmd) and have everyone in the ask "let us see aoba" and everyone laughing at bad anatomy. Legit dolls here, OMG go befriend them they are cool people. <3

lnk-Fox You are amazing and a wonderful gal <3333 Keep up the amazing art and im glad to be friends with such a wonderful person like you
ps: do u even

AlphaManifest has done a lot for the dA community for only joining a few weeks ago. They are an amazing person, and I'm glad I am getting to work with them on their project. Keep up the great work, lovely!

'Cuz I can lol <3
You are one of the few people on here that I can talk to freely liek omf. We have the funniest conversations on Skype and I can always look back on them and just lmao xD Your art is improving 247297924072494df4r;x as time goes by and one day you will be F*CKING AMAZING. More than you already are lol <3

You are my only band buddy on here and we can obsess over Vic's eyebrows and Tony's smile and Mike's lips ffffff. We have so many inside jokes and I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU <3!!!! One day it will happen I will make sure of that e__e We can go tip taco trucks and stalk Jaime and just fuckin liiiiive okay? Let's keep this bond for two more years so I can meet you lol <3

Your so awesome <3 You're one of my best friends ^ ^
I bet you'll never guess who this is!

 Gurrrl, you are awesome, and deserve some love /v\
Her art is super cute, and she is really just an amazing artist!
She is improving, and improving fast. Her art never dissapoints me uvu
Go give her some hugs and stuff<3

Thank you for being a great friend IRL, and for being my first watcher!! :D
See on at the library at lunch!

You are amazing.  You are beautiful. You are a star.
You are you, and we love you because you are.

The sweetest gal you could ever have the pleasuring of knowing. Ever since I meet Pool, I knew she was an oustanding artist and person. She not only has a beautiful and caring personality she also puts a peice of herself into her art. Her style is One Of A Kind. From her sketches to her beautiful coloring you instantly know its her amazing work that pops up into your feed. Her style is recognizable even in someone else's coloring style. Even through we don't talk much (my fault ;; o ;; sorry Pool!) I feel as if I know her in real life just through her work. Her artwork sends tingles to my fingertips and stomach and I can't help but be captivated by the piece itself. I find myself staring at one single artwork for countless mintues! It seems as if the artwork grabs your attention and never wants to let go. And I would happyily let myself stare at the computer screen if it was her work displayed :heart: Pool, I've seen your name on many, many dA Compliments but I think its time someone gave you one in return for your kind heart :hug: you have my full support on whatever you chose to be, but please never lose your artistic style. It is far to beautiful and fantastic to ever lose dearie! :heart: ;; u ;;                                                                                                                                                  RosieRoji

Oh how I adore every single artwork that you produce! This fantsatic and wonderful artist needs to be known more throughout dA. Her painting style is just drop dead outstanding! Her artwork transports you to another world with its vibrant colors and stunning details! The coloring and details put into each piece is just phomenal and makes you wonder, just how long Jon sat coloring each piece. This upcoming artist has just recently been to her first Con. And although I loathed everyone who went and met her I, was also ecstatic to hear she was very successful! My first artwork I've ever seen from her was this beautifully drawn picture of Elsa from Frozen. I've saw many Frozen fanarts on dA, but what made me stop and check Jon's fanart out was her decision on Elsa's reaction. It was far from any normal sexy grin that everyone else decided to give the Queen. But what also intrigues me about Jon is not only her painting style, but her ability to create and design characters. I absoutely fell head over heels in love with this artist from the get-go once I took a few mintues (hours are more like it) to browse through her gallery. She's more commonly known by her watchers for her Anti-Bullying comic Chrome's Little Bird which she has recently made come to a conclusion. The comic not only has a deep meaning but its beautifully done even if it was done quickly. I'll always be mistified by Jon's painting style it truly is one of a kind. :')
   Jon I hope dA stops glitching for you (because I spend most of my time here then on Tumblr) so I can favorite your work.

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Medoriko, thank you for the love, sis. Goon Squad all fuckin' day (And more importantly, life. :giggle:). :heart:
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It was my pleasure Jon! <3 :aww:
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We love you man. :iconhanselstareplz: And you've helped alot of us whenever we have been down, you really are a great person and friend. uwu Like, really really fabulous.. ;v; :iconsupertighthugplz: //gives you a big hug// Thank YOU. <3 
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It feels so good to read the good thoughts people have about fellow artists here on DA!
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fishter911 I see what you did there TwT I love ya too mah fishy linki poo -mega hug- ~~~~
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cause i can do arfs and woofs (?) and im fluffy
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Thank you for such sweet words, Silentwhisper115 :heart:
We must unite as username buddies :giggle:
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Yess we must :D and thank you to simply! x3
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