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DeviantART Compliments #118

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 9:06 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

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bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

Reviews have become a trend here on dA don't get better than this work in my honest opinion. With that said, Nolannilestheletter always delivers on what I honestly believe is a major problem in fan fiction that should be taken seriously for the simple fact that fan fiction is like any other literature genre. Thanks, bro - keep writing. It helps in understanding the difference between good and bad fan fiction.

Splash-Vaporeon oOOOOmg ook im gonna try 2 put how much ily into words
youre amazing and wonderful and hella cute and kind and smart and funny and the number one meme
youre my bestie ok<3

Ok, so you are SUCH an amazing friend.. I don't know what I would do without you. Because believe it or not, you found me when I was depressed. You have always been there to make me laugh, and I hope that one day I could make it up to you. Love you, Neko!

You are a beautiful person
Because you are you
You are made the way you were supposed to be and it's time to show the world what you can do

Blooxi, you have been the best friend imaginable and I have no idea what i would do without you
I love you so much and I hope that our friendship lasts for uhhhh a really really really really long time XD
Never change my precious Potato-san :heart:

You're always so kind!!! I don't know when  this will be posted, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUUURL~ You're 16, and totally a magic girl. Better watch out though, all dem boys might go a little bit wild. So stay amazing, and never forget how great you are.

0hgravity I just realized something - you're wonderful. You truly truly are. :hug:
For what its worth, brother, I'm glad you're still on dA, and I'm even more grateful that your someone who helps in keeping the critique and constructive comments tradition alive on this site. You're an amazing young man and you'll go far in life. Don't let anyone else say otherwise, brother - you're worth a lot: friendship, support, and even trust. And that's my honest opinion here. Take care :)

LadyOfSilver , Dora Markousi, you really are an amazing writer. I mean it. Looking back at your works, I realize how much I - and your friends on dA - really miss your works. You're a poet - and a good one at that - but as a prose writer, you have a gift for short stories. Very accurate short stories. Of all the works that you've written which genuinely moved me, though:
Yellow.The swing creaked. Mud dripped from the rusty chains. A yellow jacket was thrown on top of it. It moved loosely in the breeze, forgotten. The smell of rain filled my senses. I walked to the jacket – it just waved at me. Small and tiny and dirty, a child’s jacket waved at me. I stretched my hand to take it. Something beeped unnaturally fast. Someone screamed. And then it was all black.
Things don’t get easier; don’t believe this shit. Life is hard. Life is hard and it’s supposed to be this way. Because in life, things don’t get easier.
Mark’s is empty tonight. Its broken neon inscription blinks irrhythmically, casting fuchsia flashes on the wet cement of the road. I hesitate at the door. The 24/7 sign, hastily glued on the glass, stares at me. A simplistic face, drawn under the letters with thick, red marker, smiles. One eye is bigger than the other one. I smile back sarcastically and enter the shop with a roll of my eyes. The
and Strawberry (An ice-cream in December)
I disassemble –
heart after limp,
brain before muscle.
You hear the pieces fall.
I disassemble.

Sometimes, all I can ask for is an itchy blanket over me, and a cup of steaming tea between my calloused fingers, bringing the smell of hot strawberry to my nostrils, until the smile of content overwhelmingly fills my chest. Sometimes, all I can ask for is death.
I don’t like mornings. I never liked mornings. The sun is mocking – glaring from his heaven to a place grey and heavy with nothing but vanity, and shoving his hard light to all the ugliness around. Night is not like that. Night is beautiful. Night smells of wet leaves and falling stars and wishes forgotten in the sigh of two lips touching. Night brings the twittering song of a hidden cricket, a lullaby lost in the fading dreams of two bodies nesting one in another. Night is not like mornings.
The breeze is cool tonight – comforting, dancing around the baby blue curtains of the kitchen. The TV plays in

are amongst your most flawless works I have ever come across. Bar none, my personal favourites, and my honest recommendations.
You're a wonderful friend, and you should always believe that. :hug: Stay blessed.

Apomix has wickedly amazing art and her webcomic characters look awesome.

You sir are the best friend anyone can ever have. You always make me very happy(unless you are in a sad or bad mood) I would not even be here today if it wasn't for your words of encouragement. I know you will get very far in life. I don't know where I would be, if not dead, without you in my life. I can't wait for our 1 year anniversary of us knowing each other. I don't truly know what else to say. You leave me speechless.

To FaithfullyNeutral for standing up to important people and staying true to your lovely nickname. AraneathePir8 for staying strong through hard times. Your admin is lovely and so are you! To Wolf4821 for being so cool and being weirdly awesome in her art style. And finally, Slothulu for being somewhat of a role model. :0
From Enemom

tuiskulumi - You have been a wonderful friend to me and I honestly very much appreciate it! I enjoy every conversation we have no matter how little or too much sense it makes. I hope we can continue to read each other's poetry and converse for a long while! Much love to you always!

AlphaManifest - I have not known you long but I consider you a very close and lovely friend of mine. You are a lovely soul, very kind, and generous and I hope we'll be able to continue being friends for a long time! <3

nightshade-keyblade - You are a friggin' sweetheart. You are so kind and loving and it makes me feel so honored to know you. Keep doing what you do! Much love to you always, my dear. <3

qwibes - You are the image of adorableness. You are so sweet and lovely and I love your face. Forever and ever. <3

SpriteBlayde You are awesome and amazing and wonderful and epic and I love you. <3

XxAutoconxX DJ-Soundwave16899 Sounddrive @royalblackout Maple-Lace Tree-Of-Time FeatheredDragonWing Wickedtempo
Thank you guys for being such amazing friends. You've put up with my crap for so long and I thank you so much for it. You guys kept me alive with your kind words, even though I usually just ignored your advise, you still give me a reason to live. I appreciate all that you've done and all that you still do.
All of you guys' art is great and though I no longer have a love for art, I will always try to be here to remind you that you can get somewhere. Thank you guys so much, I just wish I could do more as thanks. I will always be here for you, as you were for me.

You're so nice, darling! You were one of my first friends over the internet. You may not go on dA very often and we may not talk as much anymore but I don't mind, you're still really sweet. I hope you're having a fantastic day, stay beautiful!

nova63  Thank you so much for all of your help! You are so patient and caring, I am so happy to have stumbled across your work and became friends with you. Thank you :hug:

Shedboy68 We may not know each other that well, but thank you so much for the help you have given me. I hope things get better for you my friend, you really deserve to be well and happy! :hug:

Whiterose283 Haley, You're such a sweet person, with a great talent! The poses you draw for people are amazing, and you have a great big heart<3 love ya

SimplySilent   or whomever, thank you for making this group and this compliment comment box!!
It was very thoughtful and it really can brighten someone's day/week/year... It is always nice to receive random compliments! Thank you! :heart: :hug:

To Crazy-KirbyXD,
It is such a pleasure to be your friend! You were my very first friend on deviantART, and right from the very beginning of my dA days, I knew you'd be a friend with a special place in my heart. It's such fun to RP with you, and you're just awesome! ^^

To Rieneko,
No words can describe just how much I love your art! It's so cute and colorful, and I especially love your Pokémon drawings! Your art is literally some of my favorite art in the history of what I've ever seen! And also, even though we haven't talked much, it's such a pleasure to get to talk to you! Keep up the awesomeness! ^^

Thank you FIOLEEbunnygirl for being a friendly deviant, your art is really adorable and I look forward to more of your amazing deviation. Hugs for you. :huggle:

AskSn0wGolem Is a wonderful friend. That is actually Everything.

Silver-Razor and DRAGONlolidk123 for always being cheerful and making me smile

Kezzi-Rose 's art always puts a smile on my face! She is very kind and pleasant, and her art is phenomenal! shes definitely my favorite pixel artist, and photography is great too! Everything is so positive in her gallery, and dA needs more people like her! :)

Kiwicide I love your art so much! And Bunbons are the greatest species I've seen. You inspired me.

barmybritishbird Please stop being so hard on yourself and your art. Your art is colourful, unique and totally brilliant and I wish I could be half the artist you are. I think that if you could see what others saw in your art, you'd really come to realise how good you are. Be proud of yourself! You're AWESOME OKAY! AWESOME!

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Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

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> dACompliments

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Feature + Two 3 Month PM Giveaway!

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 6:39 PM

Giving away a 3 month premium membership to two participating watchers. :winner:

The Story

A few months back I set up a donation widget on my profile with the plan of giving away one 3 month premium membership to a watcher when the widget filled to 318 points (I would provide the other 318 points to make the 636 points needed for a 3 month PM). Turns out I waited too long once we had reached the goal because I received enough donations to make that two 3 month PM giveaways. :P


So, as promised, a feature for all the lovely deviants who helped make this possible. :heart: Give these folks some love! :love:


:iconinsanerst: Insanerst
Wilfre Returns by Insanerst 

:iconsuzanna8767: suzanna8767
Adios Amigos! by suzanna8767 

:iconanxnymous: Anxnymous
Just Human [Levi x Reader]
Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! I was thinking some pretty deep thoughts one night in the dark lying in my bed and I guess this is the result of it??? So, uh, I guess this is what happens when I read in too deep into a character and get attached to them. Enjoy, comment and fave?
Warning: Might be a tad OOC 

The door creaked open as you peeked through into the medical ward, trying to ignore the pained groans of soldiers lying in overcrowded cots. Your eyes found brown ones, and you slipped through the gap and closed the door.
                “Hello [f/n]…”
                “Oh [f/n], what are you doing here?”

:iconaudreydlw: AudreyDLW
Satellizer Terrani by AudreyDLW 

:iconmrkapre: MrKapre
Riku Wallpaper by MrKapre 

:iconknifapotamas: Knifapotamas
the spark for all I've done by Knifapotamas 

:iconaristanova: Aristanova
MLP Egg adopts - HATCHED by Aristanova 

:iconreiiu: Reiiu
My Adorable Neko, Tsuyo by Reiiu Attack On Titan: Sasha by Reiiu Anime girly by Reiiu 

:iconcmbmint: cmbmint
Ciel (Girl) by cmbmint Yui - I HAZ FOOD! by cmbmint Asuna by cmbmint 

:iconc0mpassion: C0MPASSION
New Found Motivation by C0MPASSION Intuitive Incident by C0MPASSION The Future is Coming But Are You Ready? by C0MPASSION 

:iconstevejones313: SteveJones313
Wanderer's ConfessionThis is my confession.
This is who I am.
Everywhere I look, I see burning buildings and casualties. I see broken hearts and grieving tears. The sun of Spring and Summer have long since passed and I find the world to be in a constant autumn - forever falling.
I hide myself behind my face and shield myself in a most effective camouflage. I can laugh at pretty much any joke, even when the punch line is as far removed from me as the moments of my past. The ultimate agent, I can talk the talk and walk a walk, depending on the circumstances; still haven't quite mastered certain social situations yet.
Every day I leave the house with water to put out the flames and med-packs for the ailing. I know I can't help everyone and in truth I don't try to help every single soul - that is my failing. I listen to the stories people tell and find their character within their voice. How oft' I wish those who would leap would do so into the embrace of someone who cares than into that of the waters below. S
A Slice of CakeIt's lonely and terrifying, the sound of the monitor beeping to prove you're still alive, though you wonder if it's proving it to everyone else or to you. It seems to echo loudly, which only serves to highlight just how empty the room is. Pure white walls poorly decorated with somewhat colourful yet boring posters about various medical conditions, to hide the utter lack of life in the room. You wonder if having a patient's room be brighter that the pearly gates of Heaven is a wise choice; when a person is trying very hard not to die, having the imagery of an afterlife thrown at them is hardly an optimistic thing, though you suppose that depends on your point of view.
The worst thing about being alone is probably the sheer boredom of it all. When lying on the last bed you'll ever sleep on, there is little you're tired, old, broken body will let you do for entertainment; you worrying begin to wish you were schizophrenic just so you had someone to talk to. You could call the nurse, but th
On Your CommandIt's like a sword in my heart
Twisting with every day that passes
Just turning and slicing endlessly
Until it halts on your command.
It's like an ocean that drags you in
And drowns you, filling your lungs
Crushing your body and your hopes
Until it lets me go on your command.
It's like an endless hunger,
That makes me cry in agony
And my stomach turns constantly,
Until I am fed on your command.
It is a silence in my mind,
Louder than any noise around me;
The haunting absence of your voice,
Broken only on your spoken command.
Stab me, drown me, starve me
I die in every moment of silence
How can a loving heart beat a pulse
Without the sound of your command?
Let me live.
Let me survive.
Let me see tomorrow's dawn.
Command my heart to beat.

:iconheavenia: Heavenia
Just a Castle - Premade background by Heavenia Premade background - Stairs in the moonlight by Heavenia Night of Sadness by Heavenia 

:iconbeccab-stock-n-art: BeccaB-Stock-N-Art
Ice Castle Stock 14 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Spring goddess by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Pink Floyd: The Perceptual Thinker by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art 

:iconfenhung: FenHung
Contest Entry: Elements by FenHung Rain of Love by FenHung Summer Time Record - Finally Free by FenHung

:iconmushufish: Mushufish
(featuring you anyway :P)
Cursed Forever by Mushufish Little Lovers by Mushufish Firewall by Mushufish 
Sweet Dreams by Mushufish The Fued by Mushufish Untitled by Mushufish 
Darling by Mushufish McGelly by Mushufish In your car. . by Mushufish 

:iconmitsubishiman: mitsubishiman
DS 6-2-2012 by mitsubishiman Palisades Park 10-6-2012 by mitsubishiman By any other Name by mitsubishiman 
MS 8-15-13 Lower by mitsubishiman Morning Mist by mitsubishiman DS 11-16-13 by mitsubishiman 
Rays of Light by mitsubishiman Phelps Park Fountain by mitsubishiman DS HDR 1-13-2013 by mitsubishiman 

Giveaway - How to Participate :la:

There will be two giveaways. You can participate in one or the other or both (or none, I suppose :lol:).

  1. Fav this journal to be eligible for the first giveaway. A random watcher will be selected from this list and not my list of all watchers since I want to make sure the winner will actually use their membership. :P
  2. Comment on this journal with up to three of the funniest gifs you know to be eligible for the second giveaway. The deviant who posts the best gif will win. :giggle:


  • You must already be a watcher to participate. I'm not looking to gain watchers from this giveaway, so please do not watch me just for this.
  • You may win only once.
  • You do not have to be a non-premium member to win.
  • Deadline is Saturday, July 26th.

Now, bring it! I want some giggles. :#1:

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