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63 deviants said And dun lie, I know you have one. :B


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United States


The Results!

Apologies for the ridiculously late posting, but here are the results of our first group Switch Around Meme collaboration! We had 50+participants, 150+ individual artworks, and a whole bunch of fantastic final pieces, so make sure to take a look. :la:

Thank you to all the participants, all our helper line-art and coloring artists, as well as the admins who helped me manage this event. :huggle: This collaboration event was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, so we will likely have more (better-organized) collab events in the future. :dummy:

These compilations were arbitrarily split up into sets of ten, just so that there wouldn't be one giant file:

Part 1s by SimplySilent
1. TheShadowEmpress
2. SimplySilent
3. MizunoSerenade

1. NXperience
2.  Yeri-tan
3. Sylvae00

1. Cuineth
2.  ALAvidere
3. Prussianess

1. SimplySilent
2. Prussianess
3.  Anonymyth

1. Cyphirxus
2. Sylvae00
3. izumichan37

1. Meekochan
2. Felizias
3. Dianamisu cat-breath

1. Pro-kun
2. Cuineth
3. blunote18-mezmorized

1. Chromalav
2. Hypoflyse
3. NXperience

1. Sylvae00
2. Cyphirxus
3. Bernuviel

1. xXjollynekoXx
2. Hafun
3. TheShadowEmpress

Part 2s by SimplySilent
1. izumichan37
2. NXperience
3. Hafun

1. DreamDrifter91
2. littlewoodlouse
3. KnifeInToaster

1. Hypoflyse
2. izumichan37
3. cat-breath

1. Dianamisu
2. Coldfinger008
3. SimplySilent

1. MizunoSerenade
2. Chromalav
3. K-wuet

1. KnifeInToaster
2. Psycadela
3. HT107

1. Falonian
2. xXjollynekoXx
3. ALAvidere

1. YurikoChan3
2. ciao-7
3. Pro-kun

1. Psycadela
2. Bernuviel
3. Meekochan

1. Mtn-Man
2. K-wuet
3. Chromalav

Part 3s by SimplySilent
1. ALAvidere
2. MizunoSerenade
3. CrispyLettuce

1. littlewoodlouse
2. CrispyLettuce
3. DonutDespair

1. CrispyLettuce
2. DreamDrifter91
3. Malla123

1. Prussianess
2. Dianamisu
3. Cuineth

1. Guardiavoir
2.   Malla123
3. littlewoodlouse

1. cat-breath
2.  JinxedTarotCard
3. Ape-the-Impaler

1. JinxedTarotCard
2. VivaFariy
3. Cyphirxus

1. VivaFariy
2.  cat-breath
3. Snashyle

1. DonutDespair
2. yasminload63
3. Elizabuffy

1. Yeri-tan
2. TheShadowEmpress
3. yasminload63

Part 4s by SimplySilent
1. AdMacART
2.  Ape-the-Impaler
3. Coldfinger008

1. yasminload63
2. DonutDespair
3. JinxedTarotCard

1. Hafun
2. Falonian
3. ciao-7

1. Malla123
2. HT107
3. DreamDrifter91

1. Bernuviel
2. Meekochan
3. vegi92

1. Ape-the-Impaler
3. Hypoflyse

1. K-wuet…
2. vegi92
3. Chromalav

1. Anonymyth
2. LonelyZoner
3.  Falonian

1. vegi92
2. Elizabuffy
3. Psycadela

1. Snashyle
2. BurdMcLeod
3. Guardiavoir

Part 5s by SimplySilent
1. ciao-7
2. Chromalav
3.  cat-breath

1. blunote18-mezmorized
3. AdMacART

1. Elizabuffy
2. yasminload63
3. YurikoChan3

1. Elizabuffy
2. Guardiavoir
3. LonelyZoner

1. LonelyZoner
2.  AdMacART
3. CatBreath

WIP Pieces

Please note that only completed pieces were compiled and displayed above. The following artworks are still in the WIP stage because they are waiting to be colored. A new journal will be out tomorrow to finish these up.

Geminine-nyan -- Sketch
Coldfinger008 -- Sketch
Felizias -- Sketch
HT107 -- Sketch
Mtn-Man -- Lineart
Pro-kun -- Lineart
Snashyle -- Lineart
blunote18-mezmorized -- Lineart

Missing Artwork?

If your artwork is not in either the compilations above or the list of WIP pieces, please send us a note with a link to your artwork.

Skin by SimplySilent

DeviantART Compliments #131

Sun Sep 7, 2014, 8:08 AM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

Dear EcoStark,
It's been about 2 years since we started watching each other (which is crazy, considering how we've been friends so long), and I'm so very glad that I found you on dA through Sarah. Just- Oh my gosh. I remember how when we first were friends, we didn't have much to talk about. But over this past year, we began to become close. And once I got into OFF, we were really able to discuss more than we used to. I don't regret anything at this point.
But, I just wanted you to know that you're a wonderful friend, even if you might not feel that way. You mean so much to me now... Everyday, I look forward to talking with you, even if it's just for a little bit. (I'm being so honest right now. uvu) Please know that I'll always be here for you if you need me. I hope and wish the best for you, mi amiga. Stay awesome.
PS: Your art style is so cute. uwu Please draw more when you can.

AzumiSaku,you are amazing! You are a very nice and talented person,and those doodles that you are drawing are so beautiful! I love you!

  Tracy is a positive force in a big way here on DA. She has come to my attention not only when I have been down but when lots of others are in need also. She is quick to compliment others and shows her caring nature over and over. Everything about Tracy is uplifting and wonderful and I am so glad I met her.

SkyJagged you are my best friend, you've been so kind to me ever since we met, you're actually the first friend I ever made online! Thank you so much for the continuous supprt you give me.
MykeGreywolf we've only recently become friends but I'm so happy we've met. You really made me happy when you drew my oc without any warning (the print is hanging up in my room and I love it) you've been helping me out with my art lately and I'm glad you like my art so much. Thank you very much for the tips and pointers
And to both of you, thank you for being my two biggest commissioners, you two have really been helping me out and I've almost reached my goal for Comic Con! You guys are amazing.

Adoro tu arte Suwabunny . Siempre he sido y seré un gran admirador tuyo, como has sido mi idol mas grande. Saludos Vicxtor .

You have the most amazing artwork ever and I really can't believe you haven't gone to art school or anything; you don't get enough credit for your brilliant drawings!

You're also an equally beautiful friend. (: You're the first person who I put my trust in completely in, what, half an hour of talking?

Honestly, you don't get enough credit for both your art and your personality. <333

spadiekitchenqueen is the most amazing stunning pretty little lady I have ever met : 3 She helps a lotof lotof  people with getting over our problems, always making small gifts and sending them out to make us laugh and smile.  Thank you Spadie, for your kind words, and hugs, and gifts and love <3

I'd like to thank Tallon90 for being so helpful! We have talked a lot, and I really like those times haha when I can talk about things (with a guy x3) I could never be able to otherwise xDD and after all these I'm not sure I'll be able to meet him without blushing : D

You've been an awesome friend for so long! Even with you're raised commissions, I still try and get all the art I can from you. I've always liked your art and to this day, take after it. Even stealing you're terms and conditions once in awhile :3. Thanks for all you do for this dog.

Scutterland You have been a great friend and inspiration, always supporting me and saying the loveliest things :love: thank you for helping to make deviantART the wonderful place it is!

RainbowCupcakeFactor , I love you, as a friend of course, Your extremely nice, and I just wanna give you a hug!

Hey there! c:
Seriously girl, you mean a lot to me. You are so kind and sweet to me when I just am rude or upset. You try and cheer me up even thought I may not be there for you all the time, you still care to wait for me and etc. <33
Just remember I'm always here if you need me if you're angry or sad. I'll be there for you
Your #1 fan 8D

Lydiachan22 is the best blouse buddy ever >v< Her artwork is colorful and the colors always look so nice together. Her art is so cute OwO She's super nice and very awesome :3
~From your blouse buddy forever!

Hey girl, I don't know if you'll see this but if you do, I just wanted you to know a few things.
1: You're super sweet, kind and beautiful
2: Your art is so amazing like seriously talk about talented
3: I'm here for you
I'll make sure to keep the sharks away while you're inactive <3

Love from Cyber <3

Hey bae, you're amazing <3
Idc what you say your art is super cute, you're super cute, just everything about you is super cute
You know how there's usually the good twin and bad twin? Well, considering we're so alike, you're the good twin.
So yeah, don't think you're anything less than amazing c:
From Cyburr

Nixhil, and AlchemistKitsune,
I want to say that you guys a filppin' awesome, and just the best thing that might have happened to me when I moved. I had been really shy before I joined DA for the second time, and I was really scared. But my friends had told me about a group called The-Warriors-Guild she said it was okay and that i might like it and so I tired and made Settingkit. I made her really based off of me. Shy and scared of pretty much the world. I hadn't drawn on the computer with out a base in a while and she was the first time I had tried in a while. And because of you guys and the guild I've seen myself get better at art. And actual start talking to people and joking around. And you guys help me try and get better at art. So I want to say thank you guys, and really your both awesome.

I want to thank Tajii-chan for being one of my biggest inspirations since I started out on dA, for many shweet memories, and for being one of the nicest and most wonderful persons to talk to. :heart: She is one of the persons that make me feel "at home" here on dA. :'D
luff you! <3

Your usual space swing. :eyes: :dummy: :star:

This is to my amazing homies that I know would stick by me if I ever needed help. You guys are amazing artist, friends, and people. If it wasn't for you guys, I may not have been the person I am now. :hug: So thanks to Super-Drama-Nerd, Paradox-pony, Blooxi, Hithere180, OmNomStegosaurus, SSJWildcat, NeonTricksterSaphire, G4M1NG-P0N13, SketchyNix, destinydestroyer99, wasthatanorder, HerobrineisMINE, Flandrensis-of-Artic, ElfOfTheWillows, and DragonfaireCupcake (AKA, this Laser Goose's mom. ^^)
Love all you guys, you're all so amazing, and I hope you guys feel the same~ Awkward-lLLUSl0N, with lurv! :heart:

to PikaJoey
Hey Joey! ;w;
aaaa just wanted to say how much I friggin love you anndddd I was to lazy to comment on your profile soo I'm saying so here! ;v;
wait them how did I manage to do this...
oh well
Joey I really
really love you and yeh

Amy!! You are such an inspiration to me, I just want to give you flowers and
make honest banana fairies throw that at you <33
Not to mention that you are super duper sweet like sugar cookies
I can't believe that I was about to make friends with you, I always looked up to you since I started deviantART. I would of cried like a little baby if you quit, because I wasn't ready for you to leave.
Something about you makes me believe in myself to be more open about my art and not feel insecure about them. I really hope you have a bright future ahead of you, and more's to make me have a better day!

To mah bestie oathy~! :D
Dear Oathy,
Oh my God words cannot describe how much I love you with all my heart~! :love: You've been a very very sweet friend of mine and we'll be by each other's side no matter the cause is ;w; We've been through hell in our lives but we never fight or argue but we do have our own differences but we always settle them properly and we've come to accept our differences and always have the best of times with each other on Skype and text messaging. I'm happy to get calls, msgs and even text msgs and I've always loved that you spam your msgs because you always make me laugh so much but I love it because it shows you really care and trust me with the moments in your life you've shared with me and I've come to know you so deeply it is almost as if God has chosen us to be best friends and I simply cannot wait to meet you however way whether you're gonna visit me or I'm gonna visit you. And we always wonder if I had never met Nise we would never meet but THANK GOD WE DID! :D Thank God me and her met and thank God we have met~! We've become the bestest buddies and have formed a bestie trio! I love love you both soooo much. God sure did bless us to be best friends and we shall never part and will be soul sistahs foreverrr! (⌒▽⌒)☆ I am so eternally thankful for all you done for me. You've helped so much through the rough times I've been having and always spending time with me to make feel better as well~ You've done so much for me I just don't know how to repay it all for you. However I will somehow repay it all if you're gonna come visit me. I will definitely treat you like royalty like you are! Through the eyes of God you are his princess and loves you more than you can possibly imagine~!<333333 I love you so much baby sis~! I will always be forever your best friend and soul sister<3 May God Bless you and your family:heart:
Your soul sister and bestie,

To my wonderful bestie Nise~ <3 ヾ( ̄ー ̄(≧ω≦*)ゝ
Dear Lioncub120,
You are wonderful, sweet, funny, crazy, amazing, and caring and I love everything about you~! <3 You're like a sweet little sister God has sent me even though we live apart across the country. But regardless! I will make the effort to work hard and making sure I will be making a trip to Florida to see you and Oathy and we will have a ball together~! :'D you're the bestest friend I could ever ask for and don't you doubt yourself that you're not because you are~! I am so glad I met you through that group we used to be in and we left that group with a happy friendship we still have~! I miss spending time with you and maybe we will be able to spend some time together whenever we're not busy with school and stuff but it's okay~! We will be patient because the best comes to those who wait~ uwu Keep kicking marshmallow tooshie in school and keep on drawing because I love your drawings and you're an amazing artist too~! :D Just keep practicing and don't stress out too much because that's what we all go through, we make mistakes all the time and we are not perfect because we're made to be perfect. You are already loved honey~! Loved by families, friends, God and everyone else in the heavens above~! I love you so much and will always be your bestest bestie and spiritual sissy too! May God bless you, your friends, and family forever and ever~! I love youuu~!
Love ,
Your soul sistah and bestie,

Saint-Pandora is a really nice deviant. I met her a month ago, and she's brightened my life ever since. Her personality is bright and colorful, and she's nice to almost everyone. Pandora, I can't really get the guts up to ask you face to face, but I really, really like you. <3

HiddenLeafDragon is a cool dude.

YuRiMiKkI is certainly one of the most kindest deviants I've came across in a while!
Her writing and deviations are just more than great.
The list of reasons why I happen to like the way she is just goes on and on!!

frick you tardy sauce sproutixa we met like not a few days ago but then we're chums for life after a few hours???? u r amazing as spaghetti and rad as a printer. ok maybe its ur fault i died because of watching noragami and my feels r now like ashes but we still have the 50% off and attack on little people and momo and jaeger will always be our meme until the scissors do us part kk bye u sauce bottle
ps; mikasa is secretly dating gou

You are just amazing. You are the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the lock to my key, yadada. I wish I knew you in real life, you are amazing, your art is good, and you are the kindest person I know. You introduced me into things, you taught me things, and I just can't thank you enough. You are the best online sister ever, I could wish for nothing else. Thank you. :heart:

apherex i love you. so much.
it's hard, y'know.
expressing how you feel for someone.
i want to be with you forever. and i hope we'll be together forever.
i want to hold your hand and snuggle you and kiss you.
but i can't.
as soon as im of age to travel and get an apartment, i will find you.
we'll live together.
we'll breath together, sleep together.
and hopefully,if the time ever comes- i wouldn't mind dying with you.
i love you.

Hey. Malco735. Guess what. You're awesome. Like, epic Llama Unicorn baby birds and kitties kinda awesome. Freaking Llama awesome is the best doe. You're my best friend whom lives all the way in England, I Skype you more than I Skype my own American friends, we both love Doctor Who, we both love random stuff, and we're just freaking awesome. You're the one best friend I have from England whom is awesome, and is completely weird and random like I am. We both have a love for Animals, and whenever we reunite in Skype, we ALWAYS! have to play "Thrift Shop", because that's our freaking jam dude! It's our fluffing Jam! Haha c: Anyways, I'm glad I met you here like, what? Last year? I dunno when xD! But I'm really happy I met you c: You're so freaking awesome, you make me laugh, and I always tell my friends about most of our conversations, and how funny or weird they are. I'm also happy I can trust you as well with half of the weird stuff I tell you, because if I told someone else, they'd just look at me like "lol this girl got issues", but you? You're just like "Aw yeah, time to be weird!" And we just go one with the weird thinggggggssssss. Also, your Shades for the Thrift Shop song. Just. Yes! Next time we Skype, I have my own pair of Shades now, so we can do the Thrift Shop Dance, yo! Haha c: Anyways, you're ever so welcome for the Compliment, and I'm pretty sure you know who this is from because of just how this is. I mean, come on. Who else would obsess over awesome stuff like this, and also say that you're the best freaking Llama buddy I ever had? Come on. Ju know who dis Llama is vuv It's the Neekster! (Neko or what ever), And she's here to give ju a billion Llamas cause you're that awesome to be a part of my Llama Army Kingdom! *Tosses all the Llamas* Yus vuv
Thank you for reading this and I hope you liked it cx :heart:
~From: Le NekoTokyo

I'd like to give a huge thanks to ArtySpartyGirl, KoreanFroggy, UxieWriter, I-love-dolphins, MooseySophia, Nebula-Night, ReachtheSkies, rainbow000pegasus, Avelios, arghrile, and NeoStarAdopts for being such amazing and supportive friends throughout my time here at DeviantArt! You guys are wonderful, sweet, and talented people who deserve millions and millions of compliments for all that you've done for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my (meh-ish) art and talking to me. I really love you guys. Seriously. ; u ;
Thank you for being such a lovely group of wonderful people! I can't thank you enough. :')

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Skin by SimplySilent

Interview with Grypwolf

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 7:27 AM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

Today we have an interview with the amazing Grypwolf, a twenty-three-year-old digital artist from Finland! :la: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Tell us a bit about your art and yourself as an artist. How long have you been doing art? What kind of art do you do?

Defy me by Grypwolf
Hi! My name is Jonna and I am a 23 years old digital artist from northern Finland. My mom says that I was born with the urge to draw and create stuff with my hands. As soon as I first time grabbed the pen in my hand, she had to cover our house with old newspapers - every single day, before I learned how to stay on paper and not to draw on everything I saw. But I indeed loved drawing and I still do. Of course when I still was a young, there was no computers and "digital art", so I started with traditional. My favorite medium had to be just a regular pencil or cheap markers. Oh that joy when every single Christmas someone bought me some paper and new markers to ruin because they just had no other gift ideas. and so I have been drawing all my life, without any breaks. When we got our first proper computer in the year 1999 - and of course access to internet - I got myself inspired to start with Digital art. Mouse and MS Paint it was back then.

But so, nowadays I do mostly digital art - as a poor student I hardly have money for expensive paper and traditional equipment.

I am a soldier on my own by Grypwolf2000 by Grypwolf

You state on your profile that you are self-taught. How do you think that affected your growth as an artist? Do you think it made learning more difficult, or is official schooling not as important as many artists believe?

My universe is foul by Grypwolf
Yes I am self-taught digital artist. And why do I claim to be like that? I don't think it is more difficult to learn things by yourself - not really. In this day and age at least when everything can be found in books and internet.

You CAN also learn to draw by taking lessons in schools. The thing is that you can't learn to draw there if you don't have the will and heart for learning within someone else's guidelines. Well, frankly you can't learn anything if you're not curious enough. Now don't get me wrong! I don't say schools aren't important for artists. Basics are important to learn and some may need schools to get introduced with them. It is just that, in my own experience all the art lessons for me have been some what - limited. You can't really express yourself there. In schools we are also educated to fear failure. There is no right or wrong in art and that is the thing that bushed me to learn some things all by myself - without limits and without someone telling me that the way I hold my brush is "wrong".

One last chance for remorse by Grypwolf
When I studied in Kainuu vocational college to be media-assistant, I already knew how to use Photoshop - for example, but of course I learned some new things there too. Obviously self taught people still have to learn from someone and online tutorials are written by someone but the idea is you are learning of your own free will through a non educational line. It consumes time. Some are not cut out for that.

Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway by GrypwolfThey believed words of a wolf by Grypwolf

You also state that you use Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements 8, and Paint Tool SAI for your digital works. What do you use each one for?

I use mainly Paint Tool SAI for drawing. And I mean I create mostly everything in that program. Sketch, line art, colors, background, stuff like that. Then when I need to do finishing touches, I open Photoshop, which is excellent editing program also as it is great for painting. I don't use it for drawing anymore though.

Anticyclone by GrypwolfOkami - Amaterasu's Revival by Grypwolf

Do you use any special techniques in your work? (Using many layers, brush packs, overlays, etc.)

On top of the chain and safe from the rain by Grypwolf
It depends on the way I want to finish my art. For example, if I want to create highly detailed art with cartoon cel shading, I may end up using over 200 layers. And it includes own layers for each one, sketch, line art, coloring. multiply layer for shadings, overlay and luminosity layers for Light work, BG, etc.

I think the most crazy thing is when I start to add finishing touches in Photoshop or paint tool SAI. I usually end up merging all the layers together. This is a habit that usually will raise some eyebrows, since I may add more shadows or detail in BG with only one layer remaining. If I remember, I may save up a version with all the working layers but usually I don't do that.

This habit formed when I still had so slow computer that it didn't cope with the big file sizes of my works.

Your death wish by GrypwolfI accept no lies, no falsehood or deception by Grypwolf

What inspires you? Where do you get the concepts and ideas for your artworks?

Dreams, cup of coffee, Nature, Animations, movies, books, Deviantart and it's great collection of fellow artists and finally there is Tumblr. When I want to get ideas for drawings, or just raise my will to draw, I end up browsing trough DA or tumblr. All I usually need is shape of a body, single brush stroke or color combinations, or the pure feeling of the image to get an idea and inspiration.

I also have many artistic inspirations. All of them deserves to be featured some way or another but maybe I don't start listing names here.

Radical Dreamer by GrypwolfOn the run, caught up in this madness by Grypwolf

What are some tips for beginners looking to get started in digital art? Another way to look at this is: what were some of the struggles that you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Eternity set in her eyes + VIDEO by Grypwolf
Ah. Now lets see. As a kid I was so scared of the thought that someone will have their own (maybe negative) opinion on my art that I ended up bad mouthing my own art and myself before anyone could say anything about it. Now that is not the way to get people to like you and your art.

Just be proud of your work, even if someone tells you that you have done wrong - be proud of it still. What about it if one or two people did not like it? there will always be someone who will.

Also, if you are stricken by this so called "art block", don't fret. Human brain needs time to internalize learned things. They need rest. Actually the time when you are having art block, maybe the time when you are secretly improving and refreshing yourself. Just give yourself some time. Draw only things that make you feel good, don't push yourself. I know it may feel bad, but it is not the end.

Then again there is my favorite tip for everyone; There is no easy way around to get better at art. You need to work for it, Draw, Draw and draw and don't be afraid of failures! You will get there!

Not the right way, but it is my way - Timelapse by Grypwolf

Do you have any tutorials/walk-throughs of your own, or any recommendations you'd like to share? I saw your gallery of tutorials, so are there particular ones in there that you think would be the most helpful for beginners?

Shading tutorial by Grypwolf
Hmm. I don't have the most recent tutorial for shading in DA, but I think the one I have there, is not really out dated. I would like to make more tutorials on art but they are so time consuming that I hardly have time for them. I need to try harder!

Even so I have coloring / Paint tool Sai / shading tutorial in making where I will show fast and (hopefully) good methods for coloring and shading and I am sure it will be of help for beginner digital artists.

In Tumblr I also have some kind of tutorial for painting fur and for cel shading. I can link them here:……

Puny, pale jailer of mine by Grypwolf

Any additional comments you'd like to make?

Eee. Well. All in all this was a nice interview and I hope I can be helpful for fellow beginner artists in future. I am only human so I can do only so much for them, but if any of your group members have something they need help with, they are free to come and ask for help. I will see if I can do anything about it.

Because of the reason X by Grypwolf

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DevenDesign Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
If I had $200, I would pay you to design me a website.  Lol  Actually, I do, but you know how college and student loans are for 20-year olds.
SimplySilent Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Haha, I do enjoy making websites. :D

College student? Where are you at? :la:
DevenDesign Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
I go to Full Sail University, but I take their online classes.  Do you go to college anywhere?
Yogo-K-Man Featured By Owner 2 days ago
looks a your page .-.

SimplySilent Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Because it's magic and knows you're seeing the page. :giggle:
Yogo-K-Man Featured By Owner 1 day ago
xDD omg I have to buy that! but I don't have the point :iconcryforever:
MiaowKat Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Because of this:
Profile Greeting by SimplySilent

Yogo-K-Man Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yeah ahaha xD

I have to save some points now ._. I want a greeting like that
Schwannie Featured By Owner 5 days ago
(  ͡° ε   ͡° )৩ 
BagToon Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Filmographer
I think your ID is broken for me because I don't see my name I only see "Visitor" ; (
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